Does Your Organization Need Volunteers?

The Hudson Area TimeBank would like to help

We can help! The Hudson Area TimeBank will match organizations in need of assistance with people who can provide it. TimeBanks have helped organizations like yours to:

  • transport participants
  • fundraise and design promotional materials
  • clean, paint and repair facilities
  • provide help at home and companionship to clients
  • landscape and maintain building grounds
  • answer phones and do other office work
  • staff and organize events

By using TimeBanks, organizations have been able to:

  • connect with the community
  • save money
  • access a diverse, pre-screened database of helpers
  • meet goals more readily
  • reduce the work load for volunteer coordinators and other staff

The Timebank catalogs individuals’ and organizations’ strengths, skills, and willingness to help others, and then links these organizations and individuals together to help meet their respective needs.

Timebank members receive time dollars for their service.  Any member who helps another member earns one time dollar per hour, which can then be spent on needed services from individuals or organizations in the network.

Every member's time is equal and there is no monetary equivalent associated with time dollars.  We’ll help your organization be creative in earning time dollars, and organizations can spend time dollars before they start earning them.  It’s common for Timebank members to fluctuate between positive and negative time dollar balances.

Organizations receive time dollars in various ways; for example, in exchange for use of spaces or equipment; sharing expertise; publicity; when TimeBank members work for you; or from donations from the TimeBank Social Capital Fund.

Here are some reflections from organizations working with other Time Banks

“Belonging to the Dane County TimeBank has really added value to our organization. It's an incentive to volunteer at our organization, when volunteers know they'll get TimeBank hours for their efforts. Volunteers at our organization truly want to give of themselves - AND it's nice they get something concrete in return, in the form of TimeBank hours. And it creates such a wonderful web of support, everyone helping each other out. Viva timebanking!”

– Maureen Brady and Cheri Maples; Center for Mindfulness & Justice

“The Dane County TimeBank is a great addition as a community partner to the Madison Senior Center. Besides introducing TimeBank members to the Senior Center, our volunteers can accumulate hours and exchange them for TimeBank credits. It's another way we can recognize and give back to our volunteers. We are also excited about the prospect of exploring the talents and developing relationships with other TimeBank members as a means to enhance our program offerings at the Senior Center. Being a member of the Dane County TimeBank gives the Madison Senior Center another way to contribute to the broader Madison community. The leadership and involvement of TimeBank staff has made this all possible. We are very happy to be a TimeBank member.”

-- Rick Orton; Volunteer Coordinator, Madison Senior Center

“I have been involved with TimeBank’s operations in the Allied neighborhood for several years, and have seen how the concept of volunteer exchange has not only provided important resources for this high needs neighborhood, but has done so in an empowering way. 

The premise of TimeBank is that everyone has skills and internal resources they can share to benefit other members, it is an asset based perspective.

In this time of economic cutbacks, the emphasis of self-help and peer support will be vital to ensure the wellbeing of people who traditionally depend on public services to help manage the demands of their lives. TimeBank provides an infrastructure so that a broad pool of resources is available to people through its wide membership and assortment of skill sharing. I applaud their approach that conveys help as a mutual activity, as this shifts a mindset of dependency and entitlement to one of capacity and generosity.”

– Susan Corrado; Project Coordinator, Allied Wellness Cooperative

      United Way and local physicians join Maryland Partners in Care to offer seniors companionship, transportation, repair & emergency response programs, plus emergency kits and a time bank boutique.

Partners In Care is a private non-profit organization offering programs and services that support the independence of older adults in our communities. We accomplish this through a unique culture of service exchange where members volunteer their time and talents to help each other with neighborly services such as transportation, handyman repairs, person-centered support, and social engagement. In exchange, members ask for assistance when needed.

An organization that provides the opportunity for all generations to support the independence of older adults, empowering them to be an active part of the community while aging in place. Through our collective efforts, we will meet the growing needs and build financial sustainability.

Partners In Care now has 3500 active seniors as members.

Organize your clutter!
Happy to come to your house and help transform your cluttered basement or shed, throw out what needs it and organize what's left.
Laurie Portocarrero
Organize: Clutter/Organizational Management

Audio production
For music, voiceover, or any basic audio production work, I have home studio with equipment to produce professional quality sound.  I'm capable of doing very good work. Hudson NY 12534

Stephen Bluhm
Audio and Video

Worm farming
Advice, and worms! Worm castings tea makes for healthy gardens.
Julie Cerny, Stuyvesant

Environmental education for youth
On the farm where I live, or at the place of your choosing. I've been working with youth and families outdoors for 15 years.
Julie Cerny, Stuyvesant


Applying for a new job -- need a resume?
I will format and edit your resume.
Merisa Russello - Hudson

Yoga for individuals and groups. Sondra Loring, from Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation in Hudson

Household repairs for those in need. I have a lifetime of experience as a carpenter, electrician and plumber.
Christian Sweningsen - Stuyvesant

Artist and teacher will paint a picture or mural for your home or work.
Laura Summer, Hillsdale

Laura has self-published 8 beautiful books; she will help you with yours.
Laura Summer -  Hillsdale

Proofreading - I'm compulsive!
Christian Sweningsen - Stuyvesant

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I would like help setting up Google File Stream on my MacBook Air & iMac desktop.
Julie Cerney, Stuyvesant

I would like someone to clean out a few small gardens
Laura Summer, Hillsdale / Harlemville

I would like help with general weeding in a small garden, and plantings surrounding the house
Christian Sweningsen, Stuyvesant

I would like someone to do some house cleaning on a regular basis.
Laura Summer, Hillsdale / Harlemville

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