Questions from organizations regarding timebanking

    1. I love the idea but really don't have time to figure it out (i. e. software).

    2. Chances are good that there is already a timebanker that is in your organization who would be willing to be the administrator for the account.  If not, we may be able to help find someone for you, and will reach out to you.
    3. I love the idea but I still don't really understand how it works (or the software).

    4. The orientations we hold  are informative and exciting.  We explain the concept of timebanking amd what we are doing and then we give a live, detailed software tutorial.  Most people who attend the meeting have NO trouble with the software.  If you love the idea, I would urge you, a board member or someone in your organization to attend the next meeting.
    5. I am having trouble figuring out how to reciprocate and don't want to go in the negative.

    6. If you could only see that going in the negative is actually a positive notion, this wouldn't be an issue!  We expect some organizations to be in the negative and there are ways to ask for time donations to your account.  The amazing thing is, like everyone else in the timebank, you probably have some really valuable assets and they just haven't appeared yet.  Consider some of these ways that other organizations reciprocate: marketing shout outs, in-kind support, printing, space usage. While we wait for those ideas to come to fruition, why not use the system?


Remember, when you receive in the timebank, you help the timebank succeed the same as when you give

    1. I really don't understand why we would pay Time Credits for something that's supposed to be volunteer.

    2. You're right in that we don't consider timebanking to be a volunteering type exchange. Timebank members do receive something other than an intrinsic feeling of good will. That being said, I think it's important that you consider the following facts about timebanking vs. volunteerism:
      1. While timebankers do receive something, it's not U.S. cash currency.
      2. The timebank is all inclusive to EVERYONE and is free to join, [imagine if we were an exclusive club that cost money to join, that wouldn't be fair!]
      3. When a timebanker receives Time Credits, it is actually helping out many, many more people. It is much more than a one-on-one exchange, [see barrier #2.]
      4. Research shows that timebanking actually promotes volunteerism. As I am sure you know, volunteerism is down.

Most timebankers have actually never volunteered before timebanking and wind up sharing their skills and resources more widely and volunteering more in their community because it gives the same good feeling.

    1. Research also shows that volunteering has a "shelf life" for many individuals. Many people burn out and do not wish to make volunteering a priority.  Gifting those who do help with time credits creates a whole new world of priority.
    2. Conversely, being on the receiving end of volunteering, participants begin to feel shame and loss of self worth. The timebank system gives those who have been receiving a voice and an ability to prove that they, too, have assets that are valuable.
    3. One can easily switch the language from "paying" time credits to "donating" or "gifting" time credits. These words may help to incentivize more volunteers.
    4. Timebanking is working. People are struggling. They are using time credits to get things that they cannot afford. In addition, we are building community and creating job opportunities.  When you award people with time credits, you are "paying it forward" to the entire system.

Organize your clutter!
Happy to come to your house and help transform your cluttered basement or shed, throw out what needs it and organize what's left.
Laurie Portocarrero
Organize: Clutter/Organizational Management

Audio production
For music, voiceover, or any basic audio production work, I have home studio with equipment to produce professional quality sound.  I'm capable of doing very good work. Hudson NY 12534

Stephen Bluhm
Audio and Video

Worm farming
Advice, and worms! Worm castings tea makes for healthy gardens.
Julie Cerny, Stuyvesant

Environmental education for youth
On the farm where I live, or at the place of your choosing. I've been working with youth and families outdoors for 15 years.
Julie Cerny, Stuyvesant


Applying for a new job -- need a resume?
I will format and edit your resume.
Merisa Russello - Hudson

Yoga for individuals and groups. Sondra Loring, from Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation in Hudson

Household repairs for those in need. I have a lifetime of experience as a carpenter, electrician and plumber.
Christian Sweningsen - Stuyvesant

Artist and teacher will paint a picture or mural for your home or work.
Laura Summer, Hillsdale

Laura has self-published 8 beautiful books; she will help you with yours.
Laura Summer -  Hillsdale

Proofreading - I'm compulsive!
Christian Sweningsen - Stuyvesant

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I would like help setting up Google File Stream on my MacBook Air & iMac desktop.
Julie Cerney, Stuyvesant

I would like someone to clean out a few small gardens
Laura Summer, Hillsdale / Harlemville

I would like help with general weeding in a small garden, and plantings surrounding the house
Christian Sweningsen, Stuyvesant

I would like someone to do some house cleaning on a regular basis.
Laura Summer, Hillsdale / Harlemville

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