How do time banks work?

It's easy!

  • Each member’s hour is of equal value.
  • You provide a service to earn hours and spend your hours on services in the network.
  • You use the time bank website to keep track of transactions.

To get started:

  • Sign up for the mailing list.
  • Register for and attend an orientation.
  • Activate your account and create a profile.
  • Browse the categories and make an offer.
  • Think about what you could use the most and submit a request.

Members make it work by:

  • Clarifying and agreeing upon all the details before a service is performed, such as transportation time (if any) the approximate amount of time required, who provides what materials
  • Having a driver's license and insurance, wearing seat belts and driving safely when transporting someone
  • Using due diligence in researching the competence of a service provider
  • Being patient, open-minded and appreciative
  • Respecting each other's privacy, home, property and valuables
  • Respecting each other's religions, beliefs, politics, parenting styles and personal boundaries

Organize your clutter!
Happy to come to your house and help transform your cluttered basement or shed, throw out what needs it and organize what's left.
Laurie Portocarrero
Organize: Clutter/Organizational Management

Audio production
For music, voiceover, or any basic audio production work, I have home studio with equipment to produce professional quality sound.  I'm capable of doing very good work. Hudson NY 12534

Stephen Bluhm
Audio and Video

Worm farming
Advice, and worms! Worm castings tea makes for healthy gardens.
Julie Cerny, Stuyvesant

Environmental education for youth
On the farm where I live, or at the place of your choosing. I've been working with youth and families outdoors for 15 years.
Julie Cerny, Stuyvesant


Applying for a new job -- need a resume?
I will format and edit your resume.
Merisa Russello - Hudson

Yoga for individuals and groups. Sondra Loring, from Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation in Hudson

Household repairs for those in need. I have a lifetime of experience as a carpenter, electrician and plumber.
Christian Sweningsen - Stuyvesant

Artist and teacher will paint a picture or mural for your home or work.
Laura Summer, Hillsdale

Laura has self-published 8 beautiful books; she will help you with yours.
Laura Summer -  Hillsdale

Proofreading - I'm compulsive!
Christian Sweningsen - Stuyvesant

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I would like help setting up Google File Stream on my MacBook Air & iMac desktop.
Julie Cerney, Stuyvesant

I would like someone to clean out a few small gardens
Laura Summer, Hillsdale / Harlemville

I would like help with general weeding in a small garden, and plantings surrounding the house
Christian Sweningsen, Stuyvesant

I would like someone to do some house cleaning on a regular basis.
Laura Summer, Hillsdale / Harlemville

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